Koyunlu Koltuk has been producing furniture and decoration since 1973 with 36 years of success. Following the innovation and development of the time, our company combines leather and furniture to make a new style in home and decoration furniture. Koyunlu Koltuk, which combines modernity with the modernity of Tum products, makes investments to provide customer satisfaction with appropriate quality products and perfect service understanding.


Koyunlu Koltuk is working with the professional staff, two production facilities and modern designs to become a preferred company that always wants to develop.



The following steps are followed during the determination of the quality policy of our management by our senior management:


1-Vision of the future of our business is being prepared. The situation that our business in the vision will reach in the future is indicated. The vision of our business has been communicated to the people at the meetings held and understood by everyone.

2-Our business has a written mission covering market, customer and employee relations.

3-The policies and strategies of each department are developed in accordance with the policy and strategy of the employer.

4-When determining quality policy, measurable targets are set to reflect customer needs.

5-Developments are measured regularly and the quality policy of our operation is updated when necessary.

6-The values that emphasize the responsibilities of the employees regarding their quality, customer satisfaction, team work and business ethics are determined by senior management and written instructions.

7-Quality is the indispensable policy of our business to provide products and services that are in line with customer demands and needs, to develop the quality level by adapting to the standards set by the top management.




1-We will create a peaceful work environment by raising the mutual trust, respect, love understanding and communication among the employees,

2. The satisfaction of the guests, we will serve better by believing that the happiness of our employees is the future,

3-Customer satisfaction, based on the needs of the problems quickly and efficiently with a team spirit and disciplined approach,

4-Service in the borderless, güler face, planned and standards at the highest level of quality services to give the principle,

5-We will be behind our promises that we will fulfill our duties with the minimum mistake, we will be open to innovations, creativity and we will continue the quality assurance system established in our hotel.